Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why Blogging is Rewarding

Recently the students have been doing their fair share of blogging. As a class, we use Kidblog. If you are unfamiliar with Kidblog click here to learn more. On Monday students wrote a post about whether they would like to "hang out" with the main character from their novel. As most times, I posted their responses on Twitter. If you don't use Twitter you might be unaware that their are hashtags (#) that can be used for certain audiences. To gain the attention of other teachers and students I often use the #comments4kids hashtag. 
Students were delighted to see this morning that they had received comments from as far away as Alabama.
To read the students posts and the comments, click here.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Matter & Energy Discussion

Our current unit in science on Matter & Energy just wrapped up today. Students had the opportunity to create a presentation relating several elements of matter and energy to kinetic energy. For example, students were asked to give an example of how motion of atoms relates to kinetic energy.
Students were split into small groups to share (pictures below). They had the choice of creating a poster or a digital product. Digital options included, but were not limited to, Prezi, Glogster, Google Presentation, and Animoto. Overall, the students did a great job completing the project.

The Creative Bug!

This morning with the cancellation of Encore classes (Phy Ed, Art, etc.) students were given the opportunity to write a creative piece based on a picture. The pictures were selected from Pixaby.  This site offers stunning public domain images. To read some of the creative pieces that were written click here.
Below is a screen shot of Pixabay's home screen.