Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Board Games

As part of their unit on Ancient Egypt, each 6th grade classroom creates a board game. The game is based on the knowledge gained, and is designed to show what they have learned. Students are given the opportunities to play the games of their classmates. Below are pictures of games in action.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Non Fiction Reading and Backchanneling

As you know, students don't always read as much as they should, especially when it comes to nonfiction. So,  currently all students have at least one nonfiction book in their possession for analysis. The books range from "How to..", biographies, diaries, and books about puppies (of course). The objective of this unit is to help students recognize and use the graphic and text features within nonfiction to help them better understand the topic.
Today we took it a step further and investigated current events articles. All articles were searched on reputable sites like Scholastic and Time for Kids. Students were give certain criteria to look for and report on after reading. Additionally, we also incorporated TodaysMeet into our learning. If you are unfamiliar with back channeling click here to learn more about it.  Below is a screenshot of some of the interesting ideas the students came across and felt the need to share. Ignore the error message. I created this screenshot after my "room" had expired.