Monday, October 29, 2012

Reading and Responding

As of late the students have been responding to the novels that they are reading. Each reading class starts with a mini-lesson and then we apply that knowledge to our novels. Some sample lessons that we have talked about lately are: Scene Snapshot, Conflict, Antagonist, and Character Flaw.
The students have done a terrific job in their responses! Most of the time they are asked to provide two pieces of evidence from their novel to back up their thinking. Additionally, they are give time with a reading "buddy" to share and discuss their thoughts. 


Mr. Marriott said...

This sounds like a cool way for students to react and respond to reading. I would love to read some of the student responses on your blog!

Did they choose their own novels, or is this a class novel study?

CStakey said...

Would love to have your students read our 6th grade class blogs and comment. My students are writing reviews of books they have read and would benefit from others asking them questions about the books. Please visit us as a guest to post comments at