Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let's Go Clubbin'

This year in 4th through 6th grades we have implemented math and reading clubs. The clubs are designed to strengthen the students abilities in reading and math. Students were placed in their club based on areas of need. Data from the previous year was used when making those decisions. Students will not likely remain in a particular club for an entire year, but be able to experience different learning environments.What a great opportunity for teachers and students who may not have otherwise interacted to meet and grow together as learners. Below is a picture of students in action in my classroom. They were sharing their results after researching and learning how math is deeply rooted in the sport of baseball.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Google This, Google That

This year has gotten off to an incredibly fast start. In addition to new curriculum, the students are still learning how to use their laptops. Along with that, grades 5 and 6 are piloting Google Apps. These will take the place of the Microsoft suite (Power Point, Word, etc.). Earlier in the year students attended a "bootcamp" in which they learned how to properly use their laptop, and instruction on how to navigate and use their Google Drive.

At home you may notice that students are now working almost exclusively online in regards to their homework. We are still working through some bugs about logging in outside of the school day, but that confusion should disappear shortly.

I just want to say that the students have done a wonderful job so far using their laptops. It is a lot of responsibility, but most have handled it with ease. If you are unsure what Google Apps are, clickhere. For an introduction to Google Drive, click here.