Monday, April 23, 2012

Poetry and QR Codes

Throughout the month of April we have been writing, reading, and interpreting poetry.  Lately I have tried to find a way to incorporate the use of QR codes in the classroom, and finally did so.  If you are unsure what a QR code is read here, to find out how to use them in the classroom read here and here.
Today the students used their iphones, itouch, or android device to read poems written by their classmates.  It all started last week when we spent a day discussing how to interpret poetry, and how difficult that can be.  After working as a class, students individually wrote poetic riddles.  These riddles were then turned into QR codes using Kaywa code generator.  The process of turning a poem into a code took less than 10 minutes!  Once all of the codes were created they were placed around the outside wall of our cafeteria.
Students then got in to groups of 2-3 and began to scan the codes.  Poems began popping up on devices.  The students had a lot of fun trying to guess the answer to each riddle.

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Jestine said...

I just attended a conference in Baltimore and they talked about QR Codes. I plan on using them in my classroom. This sounds like a fun and creative way to use them and to get students reading!