Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roman 3D Models!

As our unit on ancient Rome is coming to a close, the students have an opportunity to create 3D models.  Their models should represent structures from ancient Rome.  Each student was given the rubric ahead of time so that they were familiar with the grading criteria.  The students were also given an outline for a research portion.  We started presenting as a class today, and so far the projects have been great!  
Arch of Titus

Aqueduct of Segovia
Roman Warship
The Pantheon
The Colosseum
The Baths of Diocletian
Roman Garden
Temple of Jupiter
The Colosseum
Roman Aqueducts

Gardens of Lucullus

Friday, April 8, 2011


In our unit on Changing Earth we studied volcanoes and their affect on our environment.  As an extra credit assignment the students had an opportunity to create their own volcano.  I was glad to see that about half of the class took the initiative!  Today we took them outside and commenced with the "eruptions".  The students really enjoyed looking at the designs and effort of their classmates.