Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mystery States and Skype!

Today we took part in a project called Mystery State.  I came across it while browsing through the various groups on Edmodo.  Mrs. Caren MacConnell started the project through a wiki found here.  Two days ago I gave my students the Mystery States Clues sheet to fill out (This can be accessed the wiki). They had a great time thinking of clues to stump the other class.
As we connected for our first Mystery State experience the students were really into it.  Our two classes took turns giving clues.  After about 10 minutes each class took a guess.  We correctly named North Dakota and our counterparts were able to guess our home state of Wisconsin.  More specifically the other class was located in Bismarck.
A big thanks goes out to Mr. Even for our Skype session today!  My class and I are hoping to do this again in a couple of weeks.

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Anthony Sherman said...

Thats totally awesome! Chloe really is into stuff like that!