Thursday, June 2, 2011

Medieval Catapults and...Angry Birds?

 Thanks to my tweep @ktenkely, who also authors the iLearn Technology blog, my students participated in a lesson based on the wildly popular game Angry Birds.  As a class we are finishing up our unit on the middle ages, which fit perfectly with this activity.  Students researched designs for medieval catapults on the computer and in books from our library.  They rotated in small groups from research, to catapult building, to playing Angry Birds on the SmartBoard.  Needless to say, they had a lot of fun!


Kerry Wolfe said...

I'll bet Macey did great with this. She's addicted to Angry Birds!

Luke Colburn said...

OMG ANGRY BIRDS... I am From England, London, Carshalton boys sports College and i am loving the work you are doing here. Keep it up. Feel free to leave a comment on my work

Tien V. said...

Hi Mr. Seyfert,
I can't believe that you still have this on your blog. You should do the Angry Birds thing with your class this year, too. It was really fun.