Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gaming in Space

As an assessment for Chapters 1 and 3 in our Space Unit, the students created a board game in groups of 2 or 3.  However, before each game was made, the groups had to complete their research.  This research was based on all of the information located in Chapters  1 and 3.  They were also responsible for telling me how that information was to be included in the board game.   The games were graded based on a rubric agreed upon by the  6th grade team.
The students found that it was pretty easy to create the actual board and pieces, but writing the directions was difficult.  What a great way to work on our collaboration and communication skills!  Scroll to see pictures of the all the groups and their board games.


Robin L. Phares said...

WOW! I am a teacher from Ohio and I am very impressed with the quality of your work.

A couple of things stick out for me. First, it looks like every game resembles the Solar System. That is a difficult task right there. How do you design a "game" and be able to teach something at the same time? Very Nice.

The second thing is the pride that is on your faces. Isn't it fantastic to work so hard at something that you are proud of your accomplishments? You should remember that lesson. I so wish I could teach that to my students who seem to want to rush through everything. (I am going to show them your work.)

The third this is the fact that you worked so well in groups. Collaboration is a skill that we all need to learn.

Thank you for your hard work and your inspiring example for my students.

Mrs. Phares

Dawn said...

Bravo! As a class you are not only learning individually about the solar system but you are learning great life skills as well. By the comment from the teacher in Ohio you are also creating learning opportunities for others.
Well guys are out of this world!!!
Mrs. Kaine

Emma said...

It was fun I learned a lot. We got to create our own game. (Last is me and my friend)

Robin L. Phares said...

Hi Emma, I would really like it if you and your friend could tell me more about your game.

How did you come up with your idea?
What will the player learn from playing your game?
Was it easy or hard to work with a partner?
What did you learn while making your game?

Bryce Monahan said...

Great work :)