Friday, April 8, 2011


In our unit on Changing Earth we studied volcanoes and their affect on our environment.  As an extra credit assignment the students had an opportunity to create their own volcano.  I was glad to see that about half of the class took the initiative!  Today we took them outside and commenced with the "eruptions".  The students really enjoyed looking at the designs and effort of their classmates.


Leslie Raffelson said...

Awesome job of your students. They look like they really invested time in the models.

Jonathan Ferrell said...

Those look great. Thanks for sharing. Did you guys learn about volcanos in connection with Mount Vesuvius in Italy?

My class is looking forward to Skyping with you all again before the end of the year if possible.

Take care,
Mr. Ferrell

Kerry Wolfe said...

Awesome job by all the students! Macey had a lot of fun doing the project!

Carrie's Composition said...

Great job, students! What volcano were you learning about? How did you get your volcanoes to erupt? I really like when students take advantage of extra credit opportunities. Reach for the stars!

Emma said...

(mine the 4th from top)I had a great time doing it, the eruption worked well and I think it was the best science class ever.