Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ancient Egypt, Mummies, and Canopic Jars

In social studies we are currently talking about ancient Egypt. A topic discussed the other day revolved around ancient Egyptians religious beliefs and mummification. We watched an awesome clay-mation video on   explaining the process. In addition we discussed how the process involved placing the organs of the person being mummified into canopic jars. I have invited the student to make their own canopic jars as extra credit, which will be due next week Wednesday (see pictures below). Click on  to access the directions.


Wm Chamberlain said...

First, I like how you are using the blog. It is very similar to mine. (Great minds ;) This particular post is pretty interesting since I had never seen an assignment for recreating the canopic jars. What a great Holloween preview!

Second, is awesome! I had not seen it before, but what a great service. This is definitely something I will incorporate into my blog. Thanks>

Mr. C
Noel Elementary

Emma said...

Mine turned out cool and I had a good time making it.